The cleverest use for gone-off fruit and veg, probably ever

Do you feel guilty every time something in the fridge – despite all your best efforts to be a watchful friend of the Earth – wriggles its way into a post-edible state, and must be shamefully thrown in the bin? 


Then prepare to feel slightly better. 


A group of undergrad design students have made serious strides in the fight against waste by devising an ingenious way of putting old fruit and veg to admirable use – transforming it into bags. 


The students had seen how much food was being wasted by the local markets in their hometown of Rotterdam, Holland. Deciding to approach the problem from what they call "a designer's point of view", they started to gather kilos of leftover fruit and veg from the markets each day, bashed it up, removed the liquid, boiled it to remove the bacteria and the possibility of rotting, and then rolling it out to create their wares. 


The resourceful bunch told Metro that they are now testing their products for strength and durability, and hope to take it to companies to expand the production line soon. 


Perhaps the finest example of upcycling the world has ever seen?

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Would you use a bag made out of fruit leather? Or will you be sticking with a traditional means of carrying stuff? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Homemade.