Have you heard of Snow? Nope, us neither. It’s the world’s most popular beer, apparently

When it’s time for a beer, you probably have a few go-to brews. After all, craft beer is in, right?


The world’s most popular beers have been revealed and we’re pretty sure that you won’t have tried – let alone heard of – most of them.


According to research company Euromonitor, the Chinese beer Snow is our top tipple, claiming 5.3% of the global market share, with more than 10 billion litres of the stuff being drank every year.


So, who are the top of the hops? Drum roll please ….

World’s top ten beers


1. Snow, China (5.4%)


2. Tsingtao, China (2.8%)

Report image

3. Bud Light, US (2.5%)


4. Budweiser, US (2.3%)


5. Skol, Brazil (2.2%)


6. Yanjing, China (1.9%)


7. Heineken, Netherlands (1.5%)


8. Harbin, China (1.5%)


9. Brahma, Brazil (1.5%)


10. Coors Light, US (1.3%)

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