Cocktail connoisseurs take note ...

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Sex on the beach no 2, at Artesian

Every year, some lucky people are tasked with finding the very best bars on planet Earth. What a job!


The 2014 winners include bars from 27 cities in 14 countries, but you won’t have to hop on a plane to get to the number one watering hole. Hurrah!


Whether your tipple is a classic G&T, a daiquiri or a Bloody Mary, London is the place to sip in style. Well, Artesian at the Langham Hotel is, to be precise.


So, where are the rest of the world's 10 finest drinking destinations? Drum roll please …


Number: 1

The place: The Artesian

The location: London

The bartender: Alex Kratena

The style: it gives new meaning to the word opulent

The cocktails: they are intricate to say the least: gin, Americana, carrot, kombucha and sandalwood served in a golden pineapple (yes, you read that right) or a non-alcoholic tipple made with KALE

The price: blow it

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Number: 2

The place: The Dead Rabbit

The location: New York

The bartender: Jack McGarry

The style: named after an Irish-American gang from the 19th century, think old-school tavern or saloon

The cocktails: they’ve resurrected long-forgotten quaffs and the menu is extensive

The price: weekend treat

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Number: 3

The place: Nightjar

The location: London

The bartender: Luca Cinalli

The style: 20s glamour with moody lighting and seating only (good news for high heel-clad feet)

The cocktails: the classics are expertly handled but there’s a lot of experimenting too: the Toronto is made with bourbon, roasted pecan and coffee maple syrup with orange blossom smoke

The price: weekend treat

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Number: 4

The place: Attaboy

The location: New York

The bartender: Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy

The style: no-frills speakeasy

The cocktails: there is no written menu so your tipple can be personalised to taste. 

The price: weeknight drink

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Number: 5

The place: Employees Only

The location: New York

The bartender: Steve Schneider

The style: old time speakeasy

The cocktails: they serve serious cocktails mixed with infusions such as lavender gin and vermouth with herbes de Provence

The price: weekend treat

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Number: 6

The place: Canon

The location: Seattle

The bartender: Chris Elford

The style: laid-back New York vibe

The cocktails: they stock a whopping 2,600 labels of booze so you won’t go thirsty

The price: weeknight drink

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Number: 7

The place: Baxter Inn

The location: Sydney

The bartender: Steve Crozier

The style: candle-lit basement bar with brick walls and retro boxer posters  

The cocktails: it’s all about the extensive whisky selection here. Well, it's more of a whisky library

The drink: weekend treat

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Number: 8

The place: American Bar

The location: London

The bartender: Erik Lorincz

The style: cream walls, sleek curved bar and art déco mirrors. This has jet-setter written all over it

The cocktails: the menu of classic cocktails is more of a book. A very long book

The price: blow it

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Number: 9

The place: High Five

The location: Tokyo

The bartender: Hidetsugu Ueno, Japan’s most celebrated bartender

The style: more functional than fabulous but the drinks make up for it

The cocktails: there’s no menu and they pride themselves on being able to tell customers what they want to drink. Mindreaders, eh?

The price: when you add the service charge it's a weekend treat

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High Five's Noa Noa cocktail


Number: 10

The place: 28 Hong Kong Street

The location: Singapore

The bartender: Michael Callahan

The style: behind the 60s shop facade is an underground cocktail bar which oozes New York style 

The cocktails: American-style mixes

The price: weekend treat

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