According to a new survey, these are the foods that are most likely to boost our mood. Go on, get happy

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Image: These are our happiest foods

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Ice-cream apparently makes us smile …

Let’s face it, we all have bad days.


Everyone needs a giant hug in food form at some point, and a new study by Bupa has revealed the top 10 dishes that are most likely to boost our mood.


While there doesn’t seem to be any science to back this up, who are we to argue that a big bowl of ice-cream isn’t going to make us feel a bit better about the world?


With 76% of Brits saying that food can make them feel good, it’s time to get a taste of happiness. 

Top 10 foods that makes Brits happy …

1. Ice-cream
​2. Roast dinner
Fish and chips
4. Strawberries and cream
5. Barbecue
6. Apple crumble
7. Pizza
8. Steak and chips
9. Curry
10. Spaghetti bolognese


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The study didn’t stop there, though. Oh, no. They went on a quest to find the ultimate childhood dishes that make us most happy (happy food memories and mood are said to be linked, don’t you know).

Top 10 foods that remind us of childhood …

1. Ice-cream
2. Roast dinner
Fish and chips
Apple crumble
Sausage and mash
6. Shepherd’s pie
7. Spaghetti bolognese
8. Strawberries and cream
9. Fruit salad
10. Bakewell tart


Well, six of those dishes are also in our top 10 as adults, so it doesn't look like we've grown-up much.


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