Get Halloween ready and your morning fix in one fell swoop

In terrifying news of the day, Halloween is edging ever closer. The summer is, in fact, over. Boo. 


But the good news is, this means a whole new load of autumnal treats heading our way – the spookiest of which is the upcoming Starbucks vampire frappuccino.


This number is an iced mocha, topped with cream and blended with plenty of blood (sorry, strawberry sauce). You can get your hands on this baby from 26 October, for £3.50. 


Say hello. 

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And if that's not your cup of coffee, then there's also the far more cosy hot mulled grape and hot mulled apple. These are a mix of chai, fruit concentrate and cinnamon (no booze, so cool for work too). These are ready and waiting from the 20 October and priced at £2.65. 


Here we are. 

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So there we have it. New season's not so bad after all, hey? 


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