Wait, what? A new study has debunked the myths on how to get rid of those pounding booze-driven headaches on Sunday mornings …

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Image: There's no such thing as a hangover cure, says science

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What's your medication after one too many glasses of pinot gris? 


So-greasy-it's-see-through bacon baps? Ten rounds of toast? A hair-of-the-dog Bloody Mary?


We are very, very sorry, but it turns out none of them actually work. 


Last weekend's European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Conference (ECNP) saw a team of scientists present the findings of their study into discovering the secret of hangover avoidance.


With 1,500 Dutch and Canadian subjects, they looked to see if a) some lucky folk are immune to morning-after misery and b) said misery can be eliminated. 


The sad results are thus: no one is immune to hangovers. The study showed that those who were fine after a night on the booze had actually just not drunk enough to feel any adverse effects. And, placebo effect aside, no amount of fry-ups are going to make you feel better if you did drink enough to feel awful.


The findings showed that lots of water and fatty foods made little improvement to how the subjects felt after a big night out, but these 'cures' didn't actually lessen the severity of their subjects' suffering. Essentially, being hydrated and feeling full is better than being dehydrated and hungry. Shocking, we know. 


So the big conclusion? The only way to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday is to drink less alcohol in the first place. 


Thanks, science. That's just what we wanted to hear on a Friday. 


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