If you think pop-up restaurants and supper clubs are old news, you haven’t seen these yet

We’re not just talking about guest menus from Michelin starred chefs (although, they are pretty good too), but skydiving sarnies, cute kittens and sky-high suppers.


Parachuting sarnies

Those who are bored of sandwiches being delivered by an ordinary mode of transport can now say hello to the first float-down eatery: Jafflechutes.

The idea behind this Australian pop-up is simple: stand on the ‘X’ taped to the street at a mystery location and a grilled cheese sandwich (complete with parachute) will come floating down to meet you. 



Table for one?

Amsterdam pop-up Eenmaal finally makes eating out alone socially acceptable, as it caters exclusively for the single diner. That's no couples, no families and no groups allowed.


The four course fixed price menu, which uses organic and local ingredients, has been a sell-out in Amsterdam and New York, and owner Marina van Goor is said to be looking for a venue in London. Hurrah. 


There will be no questions over splitting the bill.

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Photograph: Eenmaal


Frosty food


This is extreme eating. For three weeks every January, chefs whip up three-course meals in arctic temperatures so you can dine on frozen water.


The RAW:almond pop-up sits on the ice where the Assiniboine and Red Rivers join in North America and diners are served a nightly changing five-course menu inside a temporary dining room.

Fancy it? Just remember your long johns.

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Just desserts

Dessert bars are a thing now. Hurrah.


That’s right, you can now get an apple baked alaska, s’more cheesecake or a chai tea panna cotta at The Pudding Bar in London at any time of the day or night.


With Scandi-cool grey walls and rustic wood tables, this hipster hangout is the place to get your pudding fix.


This sweet treat has gone down so well, there are rumours that it might become a permanent fixture (yay).

It’s OK to have pudding at 9am, right?

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The Pudding Bar

Photograph: Instagram/thepuddingbar


Dine in the sky

If you suffer from vertigo, cover your eyes now. There is a pop-up where you can eat at a giant dining table suspended 100 feet above the ground. 


That’s right, for those with a strong stomach for heights, you can enjoy a gourmet meal (previous chefs have included The Modern Pantry’s Anna Hansen and Atul Kochhar) in the sky.


Take note: you will be strapped in with no less than three safety belts. 

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Dinner in the sky

Photograph: Dinner in the Sky


The cat café

Tea, scones and cat stroking?  Welcome to the world of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London’s first cat café.


Filled with cute kitties (10 to be exact), chintzy crockery and vintage chairs, this crowd-funded caff in Bethnal Green takes cat loving to a new level.


Let’s face it, we’re all going for the fluffy kittens not the purrfect (sorry) cuppa.

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Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Photograph: Instagram/Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium


Going deeper underground

If you don't like small spaces or have an aversion to hard hats and high-vis jackets, look away now.


The Finnish pop-up Muru is more of a pop-down restaurant as it's 80 metres underground. Diners in the limestone mine (sorry, no dumper trucks) in the town of Lohja near Helsinki will be served a below-ground banquet of salted salmon, veal tenderloin, snails cooked in Pernod and apple crumble.

It gives a whole new meaning to dining al fresco.

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The secret supper club

Part pop-up, part parallel reality, Gingerline’s foodie experience is like no other.  Mixing food, theatre and art, the location and theme of the event is kept as mysterious as the menu.


And you’ll be sworn in to keep the secrets of the Gingerline safe. We're keeping schtum. 

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Photograph: Facebook/Gingerline