It involves confectionary bears …

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Do A) gummy bears in bright colours or B) chocolate bears wrapped in gold foil inspire thoughts of bitter, drawn out legal battles in your mind? 




Then prepare to be shocked. For Haribo have spent two years dragging Lindt through the courts over an apparent conflict between their two teddy-shaped sweets. 


The Super Mix makers took offence to the Swiss chocolate peddler's offering, arguing that Lindt's Christmas special bears too closely resembled their golden gummy bears. 

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The disputed Lindt bear 

After a German court originally ruled in favour of Haribo, an appeal court overturned the ruling saying that the bears could not be confused for one another. The Guardian reports that there's now been a final verdict from the federal courts, confirming that Lindt can continue to make its festive treat with no fear of legal action. 




This isn't the first time a battle of the brands has emerged over confectionery. The Guardian also reported that Nestlé waged battle on Cadbury when the chocolate giants had a crack at trademarking their distinctive purple shade. And in a spectacular game of teatime tit-for-tat, Cadbury then succeeded at getting the European Court of Justice to prevent Nestlé trademarking their own four-fingered biscuit model famously used in KitKats


Do you have a headache yet? We certainly do. 


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