Sometimes, it’s the little whiffs in life that make us happy. And in this case, it's basically the scent of a freshly made bacon buttie …

We all know that social niceties go out the window when there’s a freshly brewed pot of coffee left in the kitchen and a whole office to contend with.


It’s not our fault: when it comes to foods that smell good, you’ve got to look after number one.


A new survey, which was commissioned by Harris, has revealed our top foodie smells. We’ll ignore for a moment that blue cheese and fish ranked among the most hated smells, and instead celebrate those feel-good foodie whiffs. 


Race you to the bakery aisle. 

The top 14 foodie smells of all time …


1. Freshly baked bread

Report image

2. Bacon

3. Coffee

4. Cakes baking in the oven

5. A Sunday roast

6. Fish and chips

7. Vanilla

Report image


8. Lemon

9. Chocolate

10. Barbecues

11. Cinnamon

12. Orange

13. Coconut

14. Christmas cake


And the worst …

Report image
Blue cheese

Photo: Keith Williamson / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: elwillo

1. Rotten milk

2. Rotten food


3. Garlic breath

4. Blue cheese


5. Fish

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