This year's 22nd November is extra exciting. Here's why ...

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Hands up: who'll be mixing their traditional fruit and brandy Christmas pud on Sunday 22 November?




Well you should be! This weekend is Stir-Up Sunday – the day that, traditionally, preparation​ gets underway for the classic boozy festive pud.

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Watch our video on how to make a fairtrade Christmas pudding

As everyone knows, these recipes need just over a month to allow the alcohol to properly infuse with all those lovely mellow flavours, and making one from scratch can be a test of commitment.


Which explains why, in a recent poll only 55% of people said they'll be serving the flaming dessert come 25 December, and why only 15% of those would be creating from one from scratch. 


Hoping to revive the pud's fortunes is the Royal Mint, which has specially commissioned 2,015 out-of-circulation sixpences in attempt to get the public to give it a go. 


The coins, to refresh your memory, were popped into the pudding just as it was served so that a lucky person could discover it when given their slice. 


Speaking to The Mirror, Anne Jessopp of The Royal Mint said: “With over 1,000 years of history, The Royal Mint wants to help preserve some of the UK’s unique Christmas traditions and making a pudding complete with a lucky sixpence is a key one.


"By giving away 2,015 of our lucky Christmas sixpences we hope to encourage families to get together this Stir-Up Sunday on 22 November, and once again include pudding-making as part of their traditional Christmas festivities."


Head here to get your free sixpence from the Royal Mint – oh,  and don't forget to tweet us a photo of your pud making – you can find us @Homemade. 



If you do add anything like coins to your pudding, sixpence or not, sterilise them first in boiling water and pop them into the pudding when serving rather than before steaming or reheating. Make sure you choose coins large enough to be noticed and tell everyone to look out for them.



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