Your takeaway favourite is actually addictive

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It's official. Your Friday night crispy-based three cheese pizza? Addictive. Likewise: cookies, ice-cream and crisps.


In news that will come as zero shock to anyone ever, researchers from the University of Michigan, US, have discovered that the foods we find near impossible to put down are those that are the most highly processed. 


Cheese-laden wheels of joy, chocolate brownie Ben & Jerry's, and family bags of salt and vinegar crisps all came out on top on the addictive list. 


For the study, two teams of 120 students were presented with a list of foods covering everything from cake to cucumber. The participants were then asked to grade each item on the Yale food addiction scale, citing which they find problematic to resist eating and which they don't. 


Despite only 7% of the students meeting the criteria to qualify as "food addicts", 92% expressed a desire to stop eating the processed foods but felt that they couldn't. 


Of the findings, the study's authors said: “Highly processed foods, or foods with added amounts of fat and/or refined carbohydrates, were most associated with addictive-like eating behaviours. Nine out of the 10 foods at the top of the list were highly processed, and high in both fat and refined carbohydrates." 


Here's the full list of the foods tested, and how addictive they were found to be.



1. Pizza

2. Chocolate

3. Chips

4. Cookie

5. Ice-cream

6. French fries

7. Cheeseburger

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8. Soda (not diet)

9. Cake

10. Cheese

11. Bacon

12. Fried chicken

13. Rolls (plain)

14. Popcorn (buttered)

15. Breakfast cereal

16. Gummy candy

17. Steak

18. Muffin

19. Nuts

20. Eggs

21. Chicken breast

22. Pretzels

23. Crackers (plain)

24. Water

25. Granola bar

26. Strawberries

27. Corn (no butter or salt)

28. Salmon

29. Banana

30. Broccoli

31. Brown Rice (plain, no sauce)

32. Apple

33. Beans (no sauce)

34. Carrots

35. Cucumber (no dip)


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