Olympic gold medallist Christine Ohuruogu road tests what nutritionists are calling the 'perfect meal for an athlete'

If your morning run is more of a slow jog than serious competition for Road Runner then you might be missing a simple (and pretty tasty) trick.


Steak, mash and some greens might seem like pretty ordinary fare but it has been dubbed the perfect meal for athletes by performance nutritionists.


An 8oz (225g) sirloin steak served with sweet potato mash, kale, samphire, mange tout and broccoli offers the right balance of protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals, apparently.


The meal was served up by London chef and former Olympian Francis Agyepong at Christopher’s restaurant in Covent Garden to Olympic gold medallist Christine Ohuruogu and world junior champion Dina Asher-Smith.


Agyepong said: “In creating this ultimate athlete menu I have focused on nutrition first and foremost. The dish is ideal for energy, recovery and tissue rebuilding.


“The body has the ability to self-repair if the food you are putting in it is of premium quality.”


The athlete-turned-chef worked with Sainsbury’s and British Athletics’ performance nutritionist Joseph Agu to create the perfect menu for Ohuruogu and Asher-Smith as they prepare for the 2015 athletics season.


Agu added:”This is the perfect meal for an athlete, with the right balance of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.


“Steak is high in protein, which is excellent for muscle recovery and also in iron stores which helps reduce fatigue. It’s an ideal meat for athletes to consume during their training programme.”


So, what’s our excuse for a poor run going to be now?