Latte and cappuccino art isn’t just for the barista pros any more. Oh no

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! What do you see in your morning coffee? If the answer isn’t a perfectly formed heart or cutesy creature then it’s just not worth getting out of bed for.


With the frothy milk surface as your canvas and the world’s first spice pen, the CinniBird, as your tool, coffee art is no longer just for the baristas.


This genius pen (the brainchild of Hungarian design engineer Balazs Oltvai) will allow you to write or draw on your food and drinks with ground spices, cocoa powder, paprika, parsley … the list is (almost) endless.

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Just think what you could do with a hot chocolate and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Mmm.


You can now legitimately play with your food because it is now art. Hurrah.

The CinniBird pen is available to back and buy now (from £28 including international postage).

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In need of some insanely arty coffee inspiration? Well, look no further ...