Where to go and where to eat when you get there

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Ragu in Rome. Pâtisserie in Paris. Smörgåsbord in Stockholm. Really, we're pretty spoilt when it comes to amazing foodie destinations on our doorstep. 


But that doesn't mean that we should become complacent. Heading to the same clutch of places again and again might be safe, but it certainly isn't exciting. 


And it looks like we're developing a taste for more off-the-beaten-track destinations such as Dubrovnik and Tbilisi. New research on the places with food scenes we're raving about is out. From Georgia to Poland, here are the places that shine. Time to dust off your edible bucket list, we think? 


1. Tbilisi, Georgia 

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Khachapuri flatbreads from Georgia 

Why go? Georgia's capital is a mix of ancient, haphazard streets, imposing orthodox churches and a vibrant blend of ingredients and cooking techniques from Europe and the neighbouring Middle East. 


What to try? The finest street food in town is khachapuri – a melting flatbread filled with cheese. Drinks-wise, don't forget to sample some local wine. Georgia is one of the world's oldest vino-making regions, so they know what they're doing. 


2. Dubrovnik, Croatia 

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The region's famous cuttlefish ink risotto 

Why go? Perched on the coast, this pretty Croatian city is bursting with freshly caught seafood. Bright blue seas, baroque churches and plenty of Medieval architecture make it a feast for the eyes, too. 


What to try? A black risotto, coloured with cuttlefish ink, is a speciality. 


3. Warsaw, Poland 

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Polish perogi dumplings

Why go? Poland's been on the up as a destination for a while now, mainly thanks to cool points lent by trendy Krakow. But Warsaw – full of traditional restaurants and ye olde cobbled streets – is a serious city break contender. 


What to try? It's got to be pierogi. Meat or veg-filled little dumplings of deliciousness, they're a soothing must-eat. 


4. Biarritz, Basque Coast

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Gems of Basque pintxos

Why go? There's a flutter of old school glamour about the French Basque Coast. But don't be fooled – a thriving surfing community stops this area from feeling faded. 


What to try? Pintxos – the region's tapas equivalent​ – ensure you can have a little taste of everything. 


5. Dresden, Germany 

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Dresden's speciality sausages 

Why go? There's a growing cultural scene in this Saxon city. Baroque buildings and a young, bustling crowd are appealing to the thrill-seeking getaway crowd more and more. 


What to try? This is not a town for the meat-free. Sausages and pork neck stews are the big draws food-wise – and don't forget the plentiful local beer. They're very proud of it. 



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*Research, conducted on which European destinations users post most positive food reports from, was conducted over two years between September 2013-15 by online travel shop booking.com