… and more importantly, so has the best biscuit to dunk into a good cuppa. Hobnobs, Jaffa Cakes, Jammie Dodgers … which topped the poll?

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Image: The nation’s favourite biscuits and dunkers revealed

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Get the kettle on, we're ready to dunk

Forget the election: this is the vote that counts. After all, biscuits are wonderful, wonderful things.


The nation has voted (2,000 Brits to be exact) and the results are in.


According to a survey by the Blue Cross pet charity (in aid of its national Paws for Tea fundraising party), the perfect all-rounder biscuit is … *drum roll please* … the chocolate digestive.


That’s right, biscuit lovers. The humble chocolate-slathered treat beat off strong competition from the likes of Hobnobs, custard cream and shortbread to top the poll.


However, when it comes to biscuits, we’re not sure that there's a ‘bad one’ but this is just how the cookies have crumbled.


Behold the biscuit hall of fame. And remember guys, we live in a democracy. 


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Full House

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Britain's favourite biscuits:

1. Chocolate digestive

2. Chocolate Hobnobs

3. Custard cream

4. Shortbread

5. Jaffa Cakes

6. Chocolate chip cookie

7. Digestive

8. Ginger nut

9. Chocolate bourbon

10. Chocolate fingers

11. Rich Tea

12. Oreos

13. Malted Milk

14. Dark chocolate digestives

15. Jammie Dodger

16. Plain Hobnobs

17. Fox’s Creams

18. White chocolate chip cookie

19. Nice

20. Viennese Creams

The study didn’t stop there, though. Oh no. In the quest for biscuit perfection, they took on the task of trying to find the best biscuit for dunking, too. Well, nothing is as wonderful as a biscuit than a cup of tea to pop it in. 


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Spongebob Squarepnats

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Top 10 biscuits for dunking:

1. Digestive

2. Chocolate digestive

3. Chocolate Hobnobs

4. Rich Tea

5. Ginger nut

6. Custard creams

7. Plain Hobnobs

8. Malted Milk

9. Chocolate bourbon

10. Shortbread


Do you agree with the results? What's your favourite biscuit? Let us know in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade ...