Don't even think about messing with our morning cuppa

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Image: The nation's biggest tea peeve? Too much milk, says survey

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What's not our cup of tea? Too much milk

News flash: when it comes to tea, us Brits can be very particular.


So, of course, when a recent survey gave Brits the opportunity to voice their opinions on the subject, 2,000 tea enthusiasts happily responded.


The worst thing you can do to a cup of tea? Add too much milk was the overwhelming response, with more than 64% of tea fans citing this as the greatest offence of all.


About 63% also complained about drinking from a stained mug, while 46% admitted their biggest tea turn-off was drinking out of a chipped cup.


Other ways to anger the British tea-drinking population? Forgetting to take the tea bag out before serving and being handed an overflowing, spilling drink. 

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Tea pet peeves

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Don't even think about adding more milk to my tea …

All of this tea talk is for a good cause. The charity, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA), is having a Big Brew Up from Monday 22 June to Sunday 28 June and it aims to raise money for the Armed Forces by encouraging people to drink up. 


"More than 60 billion cups of tea are drunk each year in Britain and people rightly have high standards when it comes to their perfect cuppa," says Deborah Easlick, director of development at SSAFA.


"Our research has revealed that regardless of gender or age, the vast majority of us want to sit down with a nice strong cup of tea and perhaps a biscuit if we're lucky.

"We're asking that people across the UK show their friends and colleagues how to make a perfect cup of tea by hosting a Big Brew Up to raise money for our Armed Forces this month."

Since tea-making is an art form, here's a guide to making the perfect cup, every time.


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