This might just be the ultimate festive treat. Strike that: it's definitely the ultimate festive treat

How do you like your mince pies? Warm, with a spoon of brandy cream? Cold, nibbled straight from the tin? Or sitting smugly in a river of custard?


In a scientific* poll of people in our office, Homemade found that the latter is most people's favourite. 


Only issue with that, though? You have to be at home, with a bowl and spoon to make it a reality. 


But wait. No more. For Cornish bakery Warrens has invented what may just be the best festive treat of all time: the mince pie and custard pasty. 


Twinning sweet, boozy mincemeat with vanilla custard, it's a fully fledged Christmas experience in a handful – with the crimped edges of a savoury version used to lock all that deliciousness in. 


Designed to be eaten at 'ambient temperature,' it's at its best straight after purchasing. Which is always good news. 


Of the pasty, Warren's Bakery said: "Our master baker Jason Jobling has been busy over the past few months developing something outstanding that gives a nod to tradition, but with a contemporary twist. We think the mince pie and custard pasty will stand out as a clear culinary winner this Christmas."


Sounds like they've got the right idea. 


*Fine. It wasn't that scientific. 



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