The band will sell their vanilla custard ice cream rippled with raspberry sauce during their comeback tour

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Image: Magic Whip: Blur are now making ice cream

Photo: Facebook / TheLicktators

Blur are back with a new number one album, their first for more than a decade.


So what better way could there be to celebrate their return than by launching their own ice-cream, The Magic Whip?


Not content with bassist Alex James’ cheese and his brief dabble in a Brit-pop fizzy drink, the band are set to launch their own ice-cream, which will be sold during their upcoming tour this summer.


Created with The Licktators (the makers of the breast milk ice-cream created to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte), the ice-cream will be “a dairy vanilla custard ice-cream rippled with raspberry sauce” and mirrors that of their new album artwork.

See what they did there?

Earlier this month, Blur took to the streets with a special Magic Whip ice-cream van to give a sneak sweet-treat preview of their frozen fancy. 

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Photo: Twitter / Lisabeetlemum

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Lee Thormmo

Photo: Twitter / LeeThommo

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Smith's Ice Cream

Photo: Twitter / Smiths_IceCream


For the rest of us mere mortals, we'll have to get tickets to their tour if we want to get our hands on a tub of The Magic Whip.


Could this be the sweetest comeback ever? Better make that ice-cream and TV. 

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The Magic Whip

Photo: Facebook / TheLicktators