A whole new height in deep-fried fusion food, two brothers from Glasgow has given everyone what they wanted: a haggis parkora

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Via: Harriet Grecian  / munchies.vice.com

Oh, Scotland. Home of the classic deep-fried Mars bar, the 3,000 calorie munchie box and, now, the haggis pakora.


In fusion food of unimaginable proportions, Jazzy and Harry Singh – the two brothers behind Glasgow's Punjabi Charing Cross restaurant – have gone and coated the traditional delicacy in chickpea flour, before plunging it into the fryer. Innovation indeed. 


Speaking to Munchies, the pair said: “I think Scots and Punjabis are very proud of their own cultures so you get both of these coming together and it’s wonderful … everyone here is proud of their own cooking and heritage and they’re willing to show it by letting the world know about things like whisky and haggis. The richness of our foods work really well when mixed so you can tell that Scotland and south Asians flourish together.”


We'll take any new way of dressing up the Burn's Night must-eat – even if it means forgoing the neeps and tatties. 


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