Prepare yourself: comedian David Mitchell is about to get very stressed on primetime TV about the softness of his meringues ...

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Image: Great Comic Relief Bake Off

Photo: BBC/Love Productions

Now we're going to whisper this but we think that this week’s Bake Off looks a little flat. 


The past two episodes have spoiled us: we've had the glittering wirecutter-wielding antics of Dame Edna and Wossy’s biscuit-like eclairs but the only glimmer of comic relief in this one (sorry) comes in the shape of the wit that is David Mitchell – although we have very high hopes for the acting legend that is Michael Sheen. 


With Jo Brand at the flour-coated reins, the third batch of intrepid Comic Relief bakers are set to enter the tent tonight to take on 24 portions of shortbread, six mini pork pies and a triple-tiered pavlova with fruit – and they all seem pretty clueless.


Whether they’ll produce anything edible is perhaps doubtful (although we’re excusing Sarah Brown from this sweeping statement as she looks too confident for a soggy bottom), and making pork pies certainly causes some problems. Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil has never even seen one while Mitchell reacts with: “Make pork pies? You’re joking, that’s what factories are for!” 


Yeah, this is going to go well.


It’s time to get back into that (slightly more sedate than usual) Bake Off groove with your weekly Wednesday teaser: