It’s the final week of the Great Comic Relief Bake Off and we all want to know: will Alexa Chung outshine Bezza’s bomber with some cool denim / pinny combo?

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Image: The Great Comic Relief Bake Off is about to get cool

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Contestants Victoria Wood, Kayvan Novak, Alexa Chung and Chris Moyles on the set of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off

Fashionista, model and TV presenter Alexa Chung keeps shoes in her oven at home so she’s basically Carrie Bradshaw – and she claims her cooking skills are at a similarly poor level (although we’re not sure we believe her).


As if we needed any more convincing that creaming butter and sugar is the new all-night rave with Ms Chung entering the Bake Off tent this week, she doesn’t half know how to rock a pinny.


With comedian Ed Byrne in charge, the fourth and final batch of intrepid Comic Relief bakers also include queen of comedy Victoria Wood, former Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles and Fonejacker's Kayvan Novak.


They will be tackling traybakes (*spoiler alert* they break), a dozen crumpets and a vegetable cake that must also double as a self portrait. Yes, really.


While we try to get over Lulu's admission that she hired a cooking coach before her Bake Off debut (cheat!) and the shock crowning of star baker Michael Sheen over consistently competent wife-of-Gordon Sarah Brown last week, we’ve heard whispers that Chung and Novak take the challenges very seriously.


The Bake Off tent is plunged into hysteria once again with questions over the number of holes a crumpet should have (anyone?), wayward piping bags and vegetable cake oil leakages.


Let’s face it, we just want to see the portrait cakes, don’t we?


Get in that Bake Off state of mind (and tips on how to wear a pinny à la Chung) with this week's teaser. Enjoy.