Well, how do you like them apples? The Bramley apple pie filling has been granted protected status from the European commission

That tasty apple filling inside our favourite treat has now been officially recognised as a national delicacy.


Bramley apple pie filling will join the ranks of mozzarella and Belgian beer by appearing on the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) list, an honour bestowed by the European commission, which looks to protect regional products.


This distinction is only given to farm products that use traditional methods and raw materials, reports the Guardian


“It protects the integrity of the product and means people aren’t going to be able to sell something that is substandard by using a blend or some other apple," said Adrian Barlow, chief executive of English Apples and Pears, the trade association for the industry that originally applied for protected status eight years ago. 


"It’s also extremely good news for the English growers because they can be reassured that the product being used is Bramley, and that will increase their sales.


"The Bramley apple carries its taste right through the cooking process into the finished product. The apple itself cooks to a moist, airy, fluffy texture, almost cream-like," Barlow continued.


The Bramley apple has long been credited as being a native of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, first propagated more than 200 years ago in a cottage garden on Church Street, while the recipe for the pie filling dates back to the 1880s.


"During the Victorian age, there was a quest to develop single-purpose culinary apple varieties for the ultimate apple pie recipe. At the 1883 National Apple Congress, the Bramley was acclaimed as the best-suited variety for apple pies.


"Since then, the recipe for traditional Bramley apple pie filling has remained unchanged and is still commercially used today,” a European Commission report on the history of Bramley apple pie filling stated.


Well done to one of our favourite regional British foods. Speaking of which, have you ever heard of Sussex pond pudding?

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