Two beautiful words: non-stick packaging

More mayo for your money = happier chips

When it comes to food peeves, nothing irks us quite so much as the struggle to get that last bit of mayo (or ketchup, or mustard) out of the bottle.


Yes, it's annoying because we really, really want to eat it.

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We also hate seeing things go to waste because they're stuck in impractical packaging: according to tests by Consumer Reports, 15% of condiments such as mustard and ketchup never make it out of their bottles and end up straight in the bin instead.


Well, someone's been paying attention to our prayers: non-stick product packaging will soon be a reality.


LiquiGlide, a brand started by MIT students Kripa Varanasi and David Smith, has joined forces with Norwegian food-manufacturing brand Orkla to roll out its non-stick coating for mayonnaise bottles.


How does it work? Well, the physics are a tad beyond our scope, but essentially it's a permanently wet, slippery surface that allows viscous liquids to roll right off without leaving any residue.


Pretty cool, huh?

"I'm sure consumers do, from time to time, look at the wasted dregs stuck in a bottle of mayo and wonder why suppliers haven't been able to solve the issue," Vince Bamford, buying and supplying editor for The Grocer, told the BBC.

"Embracing this technology would offer a brand a unique selling point, although some degree of education would be required to reassure shoppers that this was a natural product."


According to Wired, the company's tech is non-toxic because LiquiGlide makes use of a formula that it adapts to each product in question. This ensures that the liquids and solids used in food products are food-safe.


"The coating for mayo won’t work for ketchup, which also won’t work with a medical device application,” Smith told Wired.


LiquiGlide is also being used for a variety of other products, including toothpaste and glue.


Has physics ever looked so cool?

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