Why will real life never be enough?

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Have you ever sat with a nattering group of friends at a restaurant and thought: "You know what. This would be ten times better if I had a virtual reality headset on." 




Well, like it or not, one high street eatery chain has broken new and wholly unnecessary frontiers in the dining experience: with a fully immersive, 360-degree synthetic 'experience'.


Burger-and-fries joint TGI Fridays has unleashed its Christmas-themed launch at their Westfield Stratford, London site. Customers can pull on their own set of headgear and simulate rocketing along in a sledge pulled by ten huskies through the Lapland snow. 


Lasting 90 seconds, the film was shot in the homeland of Father Christmas. 


According to a restaurant spokesperson, the idea was devised after they ran a poll revealing that dog sledging would be most adults' number one Christmas activity, and that Lapland would be their first choice of festive destination. 


The idea will be rolled out to Fridays outlets nationwide over December. Sure the kids will LOVE it. Us? We'd quite like to just have dinner ... 


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