That’s not quite as much as Heidi Klum’s legs are worth, but he can sniff out a good cuppa in 15 seconds

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Image: Tetley insures master blender's tastebuds for £1m

Connie Ma / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: ironypoisoning

We all know that insuring body parts is big business, right? And the food business is no execption. In fact Tetley’s tea blender Sebastian Michaelis and his finely-tuned tastebuds have now scaled the dizzying heights of Tina Turner’s legs and Keith Richard’s middle finger (yes, seriously).


Tetley has forked out a staggering £1m to insure his tastebuds – that’s about £100 per tastebud – which, they say, can taste and grade any single tea from the 1,500 different varieties available in just 15 seconds.


The tea taster, who joined Tetley as a graduate trainee, said: "Blending tea, like blending whisky or champagne, is a fine art.


“First, I examine and grade the colour, size and density of the leaf, then I assess the brew's purity of colour (its sparkle), the weight of the tea in the mouth (its body) and the overall liveliness of the tea on the palate (its zing)."


So, now you know.


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