It looks like a crazy type of plant and comes in all kinds of amazing flavours. Sold.

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Image: Taiwanese snow ice: the latest summer must try

Photo: Instagram/gowaddle

Freeze frame: is it a cabbage? Is it a lettuce? No – it's green tea-flavoured Taiwanese snow ice. Maybe not ...

Never heard of snow ice, from Taiwan? It's the coolest dessert to try this summer.


With its origins allegedly going back to Taiwan's Shilin Night Market in the 1950s, this frozen dessert is a cross between ice cream and shaved ice. It's become a hit across the US, probably due to its amazing appearance of thick, ribbon-like sheets which come in flavours like green tea and chocolate.


"We have a poster outside our store, and people thought it was a crepe at first. The green tea-flavoured snow ice – they thought that was lettuce," Janice Kou, owner of snow ice purveyors Snowflake, in Dublin, CA, told SF Gate.


According to Munchies, Evan Lew, owner of LA-based Blockheads Shavery, is credited with importing the concept to the West Coast, serving up exciting flavour variations like taro, black sesame, coconut, Thai iced tea, coconut curry and avocado coconut.


One of snow ice's unique selling points? How it's made: unlike shaved ice, which is ground and then flavoured with syrups, snow ice is mixed with a base of milk, water and flavouring, frozen into blocks and then shaved in an ice shaver to achieve its unique texture, before being topped with syrups, fruit or mochi.


For those of us in the UK, the closest we can get to the Taiwanese treat – for the time being – is the shaved ice desserts often found in your local Chinatown.

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