We've been duped out of an inch of bready joy this whole time

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It's been a tough few years for lovers of a Subway footlong sandwich. 


Because when you place an order for 12-inches of bready, possibly meatbally, potentially cheesy goodness, you expect 12-inches of bready, possibly meatbally, potentially cheesy goodness. 


But that is not what a load of loyal customers received. 


Like this guy.

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Not to mention the Australian guy who's (since deleted) Facebook post to the brand, showed, with a tape measure and everything, that his sandwich measuring a paltry 11-inches.


Then there are the two men from New Jersey who took the drastic measure of suing the chain, due to their frustration with the elusive "missing inch".



The good news, though, is that justice has been served. Subway has now committed to ensuring that its staff measure their wares to ensure that they are actually at the advertised length – as well as paying up to $1,000 (£646) per person to those who took the issue to court.

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