An inventor claims to have created a see-through coffee that'll save your teeth and give you a caffeine boost

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Image: Stop what you’re doing, clear coffee is a thing (and it will save the colour of your teeth)

Photo: Michael Allen Smith / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: digitalcolony

Wake up and smell the clear coffee …

Yes, we know. Getting our caffeine fix can stain our teeth, with studies showing that drinking too much of the stuff can wear down the enamel and cause those brown marks

While we’re not going to suggest that this has ever stopped us sipping on our flat white, an inventor thinks he has come up with the solution: clear coffee.


Inventor David Nagy has developed a secret recipe for see-through coffee (yes, you read that right) to keep those teeth looking pearly white.


Served cold and in a bottle, the inventor has spent the last three months developing the clear liquid – but he's remaining tight lipped about what the drink contains. 


The 26-year-old told BT: “I usually drink four to five cups of coffee per day, therefore I use lots of tooth-whitening products, so this is why I also invented this colourless coffee, so that anyone can enjoy it without damaging their teeth.”


A 200ml bottle of the clear stuff is said to contain as much caffeine as a cappuccino and, according to Nagy, it tastes just like any black coffee on the market.


The exact ingredients of the yet-to-be-launched product remain a secret, but the drink is said to be sugar, additive and preservative-free.

Could Nagy be the Willy Wonka for teeth? This jury is out for the time being …  


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