Paddington’s voracious appetite for marmalade has made it a bear necessity (sorry)

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Image: Spread the word: marmalade is making a back

Photo: Martin Poole

Spread it: try this homemade Seville orange marmalade recipe

Unless you’ve been hiding out in deepest, darkest Peru, you’ll know that there is a Paddington Bear movie out.


While marmalade may have spent the last few years gathering dust on the supermarket shelves (we bought 1.6% fewer jars in 2013 than in 2012), could the P Bear, marmalade sandwich in paw, be bringing back the orange spread? After all, people are even drinking the stuff in cocktails now.

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So, why has marmalade become so popular again? Sarah Randell, Food Director for Sainsbury's magazine and author of Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook, told Homemade: "Marmalade is part of our British culinary psyche; it represents us on breakfast tables all over the world and is something we are, justifiably, very proud of.

"The Paddington film has shot marmalade to stardom and more contemporary marmalades and uses of it, such as cocktails, are helping to keep our love of marmalade alive."

But what else can you do with the sticky stuff?

Sarah says: "It doesn't need to be classic Seville orange marmalade alone. One of my favourite marmalade snacks is sliced sourdough bread, toasted and spread with unsalted butter and my quince and sweet orange marmalade but all sorts of marmalades can be used in lots of recipes.


"The bittersweet flavour of Seville orange marmalade partners well with dark chocolate and lemon and lime marmalades work well in Asian recipes. And, marmalade is also the perfect ingredient to add to Christmas recipes – add a spoonful to your Christmas pudding and cake mixes."


Channel your inner Paddington Bear and try these recipes from Sainsbury's magazine:



Who could resist a slice (or two) of this gooey, tangy teatime treat?

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Marmalade cake

Photo: Martin Poole

Pudding perfection

Love chocolate? Love marmalade? Well, hello there orange and choc chip bread and butter pudding.

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Orange choc chip bread and butter pudding

Photo: Laura Edwards

Sweet starter

Marmalade and red cabbage? Yes, you read that right. This is a starter to impress. 

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Double-baked cheese soufflé

Photo: Brett Stevens

How do you eat marmalade? Let us know your weird and wonderful cooking ideas in the comments box below ...