In what promises to be a genuinely spectacular product launch, the 'ISSpresso' machine will boldly go where no espresso has gone before

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Image: Astronauts to have fresh brew coffee machine in space

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The International Space Station, soon to be improved by the addition of a proper coffee machine

As any coffee connoisseur will know, a decent flat white or cortado is a very important thing. But how do you get your caffeine fix when you work at, say, the International Space Station?


While astronauts have long grumbled about the tepid coffee served in pouches and drunk through straws, this could be a thing of the past by the weekend. A zero-gravity "ISSpresso" coffee machine will be boldly going to the orbital station.

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Space coffee machine

Via: Lavazza / Argotec /

This is it, the world's first space coffee machine

Designed by Italian coffee company Lavazza and engineering firm Argotec (who specialise in making space food), the 20kg machine is to be delivered by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.


Not only will she be the first Italian woman in space, but the very first to sip on an authentic espresso when she gets there.


David Avino, Argotec’s director general, said: “ISSpresso is a technological achievement that conforms to the technical requirements and ultra-strict security measures imposed on us by the Italian space agency.”


They'll still have to use the pouches and straws (otherwise imagine the mess drinking in zero gravity!) but at least this one small step will be a giant leap for coffee kind.

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