Some people are just a little too desperate to eat pizza

I like pizza. You like pizza. Everybody likes pizza. 


But, as with everything, there are folk in the world who take their obsession a little too far. 


Enter: the cheese-fiends behind the pizza pouch. Supposedly designed to allow margarita lovers to carry an emergency slice of pizza with them at all times, it's mankind's imaginative next step in never being more than a moment away from greasy satisfaction. After all, as its makers say: "No one should ever be without pizza." 


Invented in the USA (naturally), it's nonetheless available for shipping to the UK, for the bargain price of £5.25. 


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But this isn't the first time pizza-loving has gotten out of hand. 


There was the time KFC Hong Kong unleashed the crispy pizza chicken …

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Via: Facebook / KFC Hong Kong


Not to mention the very special mac 'n' cheese edition …

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And who could ever forget these pizza cones?

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Or these 10 other most heinous crimes against pizza

Yes, that's a McDonald's pizza.

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The pouch doesn't seem so bad now, does it? 



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