In – you guessed it – Yorkshire. Two beef patties and 2lb of chicken sandwiched between the best part of a Sunday roast

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Via: Facebook/ Smokehousewoodstreet

Fancy a 5,000 calorie meal in Yorkshire?

Another day, another monster burger with too many calories; 5,000 to be exact. We feel more than a little ill just reading those numbers.


This time, we're presenting what is apparently a world first: the Yorkshire pudding burger. This "delicate" US-meets-UK mash-up takes the Sunday dinner staple and wraps it around two beef patties, 2lb of chicken breast, mozzarella, gravy and chips.


The creation is the monstrous brainchild of Michael Hewitt, manager of the Smokehouse BBQ restaurant in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and was devised as part of a food challenge. 


Guess what? Thus far, no one has managed to complete said challenge, which involves putting the dish away within half an hour. Complete it and you'll bag yourself a T-shirt, a place on the restaurant's wall of fame and you don't have to pay for the £25 burger. Adam Richman, eat your heart out …


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Yorkshire Burger

Via: Facebook / Smokehousewoodstreet


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