Because who doesn't want a cinnamon-coloured mane?

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People love pumpkin spice lattes


And we mean really, really love them. There's now a secret society devoted to the cinnamon-spiked, whipped-cream-topped Starbucks coffees. It tweets in the first person. More than 200 million have been sold internationally since it was introduced in 2003.


Need more evidence of just how invested the public is in this beverage? After people got tetchy about the lack of real pumpkin in the mix (it was just a flavoured syrup before), the brand has changed the recipe to meet the demand. 


So news that lovers of the concoction are now dying their hair in a matching shade isn't as surprising as it first might sound.


An Instagram search for #pumpkinspicehair returns over 200 results: with that number rising every hour. 


Here are some of the best examples we've seen:

Could Earl Grey hair be next? Only time will tell. 



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