The gadget promises to adjust the temperature of your gas or electric hob, so you don’t have to

Do you suffer from hob hovering syndrome?


Well, your prayers might have been answered.


Another addition to the list of gadgets you never knew existed but need in your life, Meld is an automated device which constantly monitors the temperature of what you’re cooking and makes adjustments to the heat (when needed) so your food cooks perfectly.


The device, which is the brainchild of two Seattle-based former Amazon employees, Jon Jenkins and Darren Vengroff, comes in three parts: a knob that replaces your existing gas or electric stove’s knob, a clip that attaches to your pan, and a recipe app which autmatically controls the burner.


When your dish is at risk of burning, the sensor wirelessly sends the temperature readings from the pan to the Meld Knob, which adjusts the heat accordingly.


The Meld Knob, which has already exceeded its $50,000 Kickstarter target, will be ready to ship to customers in the autumn say the inventors.


Jenkins and Vengroff wrote on their Kickstarter page: “We knew we needed a way to consistently determine the exact temperature along with the ability to quickly make adjustments to the burner.


“We wanted technology to eliminate the guesswork so the cook could focus on the art.


“Think of it as upgrading the cookware you already own, helping you cook perfect meals – just like a professional chef – without the cost or years of training.”


The kitchen of the future is closer than you think.