Hundreds of masked protestors took to east London's streets and attacked the recently opened cafe that serves bowls of cereal

Hundreds of anti-gentrification protestors made their feelings very clear about Shoreditch's cereal cafe, Cereal Killer, over the weekend – by splattering it with paint. 


The anti-capitalist group was looking to highlight the effect of house prices on working class people in the capital and took to the streets of Brick Lane, London.

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The cafe during the attack

With some wearing masks, they targeted the "hipster" hangout owned by Belfast-born brothers Gary and Alan Keery. Riot police soon arrived at the scene, though not before punters in the eatery witnessed a pretty alarming sight.


"Tonight we were attacked with paint and fire," said the brothers, via their Twitter account

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The cafe after the attack 

Speaking about the event, they later posted: 


Cereal Killer Cafe ‏@CerealKillerUK  Sep 27

Unhappy with the state of the country? Why not attack a small business #smart




Cereal Killer Cafe ‏@CerealKillerUK  Sep 27

Open as normal today guys, come down to see our new shopfront #makeover


After a scrub up and sort out, the breakfast-loving pair have got their place back and ready for business. 



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