Well deduced, science

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In mind-bending, 'cannot believe it,' time-to-text-everyone-you-know news of the day, science has discovered that women who are not hungry are more responsive to romantic overtures. 


Shocking, we know. 


A study from Drexel University in Philadelphia, the US, published in online journal Appetitefound that "women's brains respond more to romantic cues on a full stomach than an empty one".


When shown "romantic" imagery, the group of college-age women, who were all of a "normal" weight and a mix of dieters and non-dieters, had greater brain activation when they had eaten. 


This, according to the researchers, supports the idea that food primes women for "rewards beyond food" – a shared link between food and sex. 


Well. As we all know, hanger is not a force to be messed with.