Australia officially makes the world's best steak – according to the World Steak Challenge, anyway

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Sorry, Argentina, your steak crown has been stolen. 


That young upstart that is Australia has made a beeline for all-things-cow glory. The country has won the esteemed title of World's Best Steak Producer 2015.


The first ever World Steak Challenge went down in London's Hyde Park and saw 70 steaks from 10 different countries in the ring. 

Following a full inspection of the raw cuts of meat, the entries were cooked to medium before being left to rest for five minutes.


Next up, they were sampled by the judges – among whom were Brett Duarte, executive chef of Gaucho steak restaurants, and Fred A'Court, a former editor of Meat Trades Journal. 


The best of the bunch were whizzed through to a second round where they barbecued in home-style conditions.


From there, more deliberation ensued followed by the announcement of the winner, which was (drum roll please): Australia's very own Albers GMBH, for its wagyu.


See you on the plane to Sydney?

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Via: Twitter/ WSteakChallenge

The winner is announced …


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