There's a new recruit in the global fight against bad Thai food

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Image: You call that a good pad Thai? We’ll let the robot decide

Photograph: Martin Poole

Thai jungle curry: get the recipe

If you’ve ever tucked into a spicy tom yum (hot and sour) soup somewhere outside its home territory, you’ll know that it can often be disappointing.


While travelling across the globe, Thailand’s former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra found herself munching on pad Thais and prawn curries she felt weren't worthy of being referred to as Thai food.


Her political party may have been thrown out of office, but her battle against bad Thai food lives on: step forward the robotic food taster.


The device, known as "e-delicious", which costs around £11,000 ($18,000), will be able to tell the difference between a properly prepared green curry and a poor imitation. How? Well, by checking the chemical composition of the ingredients using sensors and micro-chips, apparently. 


Developed by the Thai Delicious Committee, the plan is to send the machines to Thai embassies across the globe to make sure dishes stick to their traditional roots.

As the machine can only compare dishes to a pre-programmed standard, it hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

Thaweekiat Nimmalairatana, who owns a food stall in Bangkok, told The New York Times: “I use my tongue to test if it’s delicious or not. I think the government should consider using a human to gauge the authenticity.”

Ditch the takeaway and try these homemade Thai recipes – we think the robot would approve ...

Pad Thai

The simple stir-fried noodle dish pad Thai is one of the best-known examples of Thai cuisine and this vegetarian take from Sunil Vijayakar is so easy to whip up.

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Vegetable pad thai

Photograph: Maja Smend


Hot and sour soup

Decidedly piquant, this Thai-style soup is just the dish for a cold night.

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Thai green fish curry

This zesty Thai curry can be on the table within 20 minutes. Need we say more?

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Speedy Asian baked sea bass

With chilli, lemongrass and lime, this quick fish dish by Lucy Jessop is impressive enough to serve at a dinner party.

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Asian Baked Seabass

Photograph: Martin Poole


Thai green chicken curry

Deliciously creamy and with a good kick of spice, making your own curry is well worth the effort. Why not do as Annie Bell does and serve it with noodles instead of rice?

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Thai green chicken curry

Photograph: Jonathan Gregson