And you thought perfection can't be improved on...

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Image: Science might have discovered how to make the most delicious chocolate, ever

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Pistachio-studded, espresso-spiked, caramel-centered... tweaking chocolate to take it to whole new, decadent heights is a worthy pursuit indeed. 


So news that scientists in Germany have been working on a molecular level – swish – to make the cocoa beans plus sugar equation even better is, naturally, music to our greedy ears. 


By getting to grips with lecithin – the fatty substance that binds cocoa solids to the dairy in bars – they've uncovered how to develop the feel, aroma and texture of chocolate in the mouth for optimally​ delicious results. 


The findings, published in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics and conducted by researchers at the Technical University of Munich, might just mean an end to the standard trial-and-error approach to playing with chocolate. 


To those nobly engaging in the discovery of the best damn box of treats possible: we salute you.

Do you reckon your favourite chocolate can be improved on? Or is a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below