Time for a celebratory dance?

Sure, summer's closing (sad.) But there's still time to cling to a spark of warm-weather joy, with the news that scientists have achieved the seemingly miraculous feat of inventing slow-melting ice cream. 


So just how have they managed it?


With a little help from the naturally occurring​ protein BsIA.


When researchers from the universities of Edinburgh and Dundee tried adding the molecule to everyone's favourite frozen treat, they found that the air, fat and water were bound together in a super-stable way.


This means that the whole messy, melt-y business can be a thing of the past – not to mention, the end of hopelessly undignified frantic cone eating.  


And in even better news? 


The whole more-stable mix thing means that your tub of pistachio will require less cream to create a smooth mixture – and therefore fewer calories.