Fancy a wee cuppa? Well, the Scottish leaves will cost you £35 for 15g – that’s enough for about three cups. Yikes

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Image: Dalreoch white tea being poured

Via: Facebook / WeeTeaCompany

The Wee Tea Plantation's first flush white tea. That's about thirty quid's worth right there

When it comes to Scottish drinks, it’s probably fair to say that they’re best known for their whisky, right? Well, maybe not for long.

While talk of tea plantations might normally make you think of Indian hillsides and Sri Lankan glades, Scottish cuppas are now a thing.

Fortnum & Mason are to start selling the world’s first Scottish tea, produced at the Dalreoch plantation in the Strathbraan Valley.

But this isn’t the kind of stuff you’re going to be swilling with your morning bowl of porridge. Oh no. The white and smoked white teas are pricey, with a 15g tin on sale for £35 – that’s about £10 per cup.

Darren Williams, a Fortnum & Mason tea expert, said: “Although customers can buy the tea loose to make as little as one cup, it is the second most expensive tea we’ve ever sold.”

But is it worth swapping for your PG Tips? Well, Tam O’Braan, who runs the plantation with his friend Jamie Russell, told the Daily Record that a good tea is like a good wine. He said: “Many people would rather buy a nice bottle of, say Barolo, than tolerate cheap stuff – even if it means drinking less.

“I think people will view our tea in the same way.”

What do you think – would you pay £10 for a Scottish cuppa?