It's not just for birthdays any more. Prosecco is on the rise because we've stopped seeing it as a drink to have on special occassions

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Champagne has had its nose pushed out of joint by its Italian-born little sister. Yep, sales of prosecco are on the up.


Sales of sparkling wine have risen by 15.9% over the past 12 months reports the Independent, with our growing love for prosecco partly responsible – we spent £40.4m on own-label bottles over the past year. Wowsers. 


But it's not just the more inexpensive end of the market that's doing well. The report, which was arranged by analysts IRI, also shows that luxe champagne houses Moët & Chandon and Lanson have achieved combined growth of £10.8m.


When factoring in the sales of still wine, the market of everyone's favourite wind-down drink was worth £5.2bn in the past year. 


Speaking to trade magazine The GrocerDavid Elliott of analysts Kantar Worldpanel explained that the boom is all about lots more promotions being made around fizz in stores, making the drink more affordable. With that, we've stopped seeing it as something reserved solely for special occasions, and are happy to simply enjoy it on a Friday evening.


We'll toast to that. 



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