Yes, drone waiters are coming. Just don’t expect service with a smile

Being a waiter is no picnic: the pay can be low, the hours long and customers can be anything from demanding to irritable. 


Finding waiting staff in Singapore is becoming a problem, apparently. The solution? Flying drone waiters, of course. 


The Infinium Robotics’ drones, which are to be introduced at the Timbre Group's restaurants and bars by the end of this year, can carry up to 2kg of food and drink – that’s about two pints of beer, a pizza and two glasses of wine.


The unpiloted machines will fly above the heads of diners and navigate using infra-red sensors placed around the restaurant as well as having onboard cameras and sensors.


Junyang Woon, Infinium Robotics’ chief executive officer, told the BBC that the technology will free up restaurant staff so they “are able to interact more with customers and enhance their dining experience.”


The drones won't completely replace humans yet, though, as currently they don't land on the diner's table so waiters have to manually unload the dishes and serve them to customers.


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