They take your order, serve food and speak to customers – just don’t expect service with a smile

It can be hard being a waiter: the pay can be low, the hours long and the customers irritating. However, this might not be a problem for much longer as a restaurant in China has decided to ditch its human waiters in favour of robots.


The £6,000 machines will take orders, carry trays of food and even tell you to "enjoy your meal" in Mandarin (among a total of 40 choice phrases). 


The blue and white machines (complete with digital faces) run along magnetic strips on the floor and use optical sensors so they know exactly where to stop in the restaurant before returning to the kitchen once the food has been delivered.


Lu Dike, who owns the café in China’s Zhejiang province, says that the machines will save him a fortune in wages – and they seem to be going down well with the customers too.


Xu Yuan, 34, said: “I really like the service and I think I would really like one at home. My son has been pestering me ever since we came here for a snack after a trip to the movies.”


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