Kickstarter campaign could bring a whole new meaning to 'printer jam'

Technology is a tiring thing. We’ve only just got our heads around the idea of 3D printing at all – that’s where a machine prints a solid 3D object from a digital model. Obvio. 

And now, a Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise $100,000 to create The Foodini, a 3D food printer that transforms real ingredients into a meal without you getting your hands dirty.

The manufacturers have already made a prototype, and it looks a little like something from the 80s. We are suspicious.

Apparently, The Foodini can make you dishes like pumpkin gnocchi, fancy-shaped cookies and elaborately shaped edible food receptacles.

However, you still need cook and blend ingredients first before allowing The Foodini to work its magic. And if cooking is required after too, well you’re responsible for that bit too.

So really, The Foodini is for moulding your food into complicated shapes. But we could definitely have some fun with that.

Here are the seven steps of food printing according to The Foodini.

1. Blend your prepared ingredients and pop them into the Foodini attachment

Report image

2. Foodini starts piping. What's it going to be?

Report image

3. It's a pretty leafy scene on your chopping board!

Report image

4. Next, Foodini pipes blobs of cream-coloured pulp

Report image

5. Blobs are added to tomato leaf scene

Report image

6. Hey presto! A leafy tomato scene with cream-coloured blobs

But is this going to catch on, we wonder. What would you do with such a machine if you had one?

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