Australians have nailed the vending machine. Their new design will deliver hot chips in less time than it takes to make a proper cup of coffee. Dreams do come true, mate

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Image: Prepare yourself: hot chip vending machines are coming

Christian Schnettelker / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: manoftaste-de

Let’s face it, that vending machine sitting in the office hallway popping out ready salted crisps and the occasional packet of Skittles is rubbish.


Its days are numbered.


A Perth-based company, Hot Chips, is seeking world domination via their new invention: the french fry vending machine.

The machine cooks the fries from frozen before dispensing them, all hot, salty and crispy, into a cup – all the better for shovelling them into your mouth, quick smart.


It has taken five years to develop this dream machine but they reckon they have finally cracked the perfect formula – and it also offers an array of condiments too. Boom.


Stephen Bendoitti, the director of Bendoitti Exporters (who are providing the spuds), told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “You put your money in and it goes from frozen to the frying and in your cup within two minutes and 20 seconds." Genius.

Machines are currently being trialled in Adelaide and Perth, Australia, but there are plans to roll them out nationally before the end of the year  and then worldwide. Oh yes.


And breathe. 

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