Pass the chickpeas – scientists are now saying that more protein in your diet could be beneficial for your ticker

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It's a teeny weeny bit early to be mentally clocking up New Year's resolutions, we know, but it might be time to sneak a small tweak into your diet if this spot of new research is to be believed. 


According to scientists at the University of East Anglia, more protein in your diet may be as beneficial for your heart health as taking up exercise or quitting smoking. (NB: this is not a call to eat a tin of lentils and call it quits on your other good habits. That would be a bad idea. Just saying.)


Anyway, the study says that amino acids found in plants and, to a lesser extent meat protein, can result in lower blood pressure for people who eat a lot of them. 


Researchers studied the health of 2,000 women with healthy BMIs and discovered that those who consumed lentils, broccoli, spinach, fish and meat had lower blood pressure and therefore a smaller risk of getting into problems with heart disease. 


The lesson? Eat your greens, people. 


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Please note this article has been produced for information purposes only and it is not advising or suggesting that the consumption of these foods are a replacement for exercise or a balanced diet. It should not be viewed as a replacement for any kind of nutritional advice.