How can you make that cheese-topped disc of carbs taste any better? Give it a hot dog crust, of course

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Image: Insane pizza alert: Pizza Hut launches pizza with 28-hot dog crust

Photo: / pizzahut

Yummy or overwhelming?

When it comes to pizza, we thought we'd seen it all.


We've celebrated iconic Oscars moments with it, we've seen Kate Moss's face on one and there's even a breakfast pizza with bacon and eggs on the top of it.


Now, let us introduce you to a combo which brings two of our favourite things together: pizza and hot dogs.


Dubbed the Hot Dog Bites Pizza, this creation is a feast-sized beast with a base surrounded by pigs-in-a-blanket that have been baked directly into the crust. Oh, and it comes with a side of French’s hot mustard.




According to Pizza Hut, it's "the perfect combination for American taste buds".


A variation on this pizza combination became a hit in international markets prompting a US launch, explained Doug Terfehr, a Pizza Hut spokesperson.

He told digital financial media company The Street, "Outside the US, people love this idea of American foods, and they are willing to mash those up and try those things together."


The Hot Dog Bites Pizza launches in the US on 18 June and will cost $11.99. It's not known yet whether it'll reach our shores, but if you fancy making your own exotic pizza then you'll love these saag paneer mini pizzas.


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