Your Friday night takeaway just got an upgrade. The much-loved Pizza Express will soon be coming on a battery-powered scooter to your postcode

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Dough balls, Pollo ad Astra and Sloppy Giuseppe lovers, rejoice – all of your favourite Pizza Express treats are going to available via a single phone call for delivery straight to your door.


Sure, you've been able to order takeaway pizza since forever, but this new offering from Pizza Express is another fantastic foodie option for when you're just too tired to cook on a Friday night.


The service is already available in a couple of central London locations but it'll soon be fully launched across the city and the UK. 


Waiters on Italian-style battery-powered scooters will be trained to transport your crispy and delicious order over to you in a jiffy and a number of dedicated delivery spots will be opened over the next five years. 


Pizza Express, in the name of getting thin-crust pizzas into our bellies, we salute you.

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