It might be clever but is this the most annoying pasta of all time?

If we could award a medal to the best multi-tasker of the food world, the winner would be pasta.

While foodie fads have come and gone, spaghetti, penne, fusilli and the rest of the gang have stayed, well, remarkably intact. So, adding a new member to the pasta world is big news, right? Well, not if it's impossible to eat. 


Two physicists have created the “anneloni” which is, they say, the most difficult pasta to eat.


Yes, the ingredients are still the same and it is made using a normal pasta maker but it’s a right old slippery customer and gets horribly tangled.


The researchers, Davide Michieletto and Matthew S Turner from the University of Warwick said: “Make yourself a bowl of anelloni and it’s likely to have gone cold by the time you’ve pulled all the rings apart and struggled your way to the messy end.”


So what is the point of this pesky pasta, we hear you cry? Well, it mimics the behaviour of ring-shaped polymers, apparently, and shows that if molecules are long enough, they are likely to get so tangled up that they would appear frozen in place. Got it?


Michieletto and Turner added: “The thing about ring-shaped polymers … is that they’re very poorly understood – in fact, they’re one of the last big mysteries in polymer physics.”


While we applaud the decision to use comforting carbs to showcase science, one thing it for sure: you should never question an Italian staple. Ever.


 Still confused? Let’s hand it over to the researchers to explain their new pasta in the video below.